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j randall powers

Top Texas star designer J. Randall Powers and his own style

Texas star designer J. Randall Powers (Randy to his friends) has built his extraordinary design career on a cornerstone of restraint. Working with a highly controlled color range, a superbly edited décor, pure lines, and opulent fabrics and materials like silk velvet, rich leather, fine wood, marble, and luxurious open spaces, he shapes rooms that are as inviting and lovely as they are comfortable.

Best Interior Designer J. Randall Powers0

Interiors and objects that fill rooms have been decorator Randy Powers’ passion for as long as he can remember. “It was the the only profession I ever wanted to practice”, J. Randall Powers, Texas star designer, says. He is a design-obsessed, who loves making his clients happy.

Over the past sixteen years, his projects have ranged from tiny bungalows to entire floors of sleek glass highrises. He is not a person who likes one look or who feels that a certain period or style has to dictate a certain space.

Best Interior Designer J. Randall Powers3

For him the interiors are about the people who inhabit them, so he tries to observe how his clients live, their personalities and their lifestyle, and imprint that into their home.

Best Interior Designer J. Randall Powers4

From classic traditional to sleek and clean-lined, J. Randall Powers work is infused with a rhythm that remains constant. The ability to select objects and make them harmonize in a space is what decoration is really interesting. Randall do not follow trends and do not like to be categorized by stereotypical whims of decorating because he likes to be himself, he likes the irreverence of many different periods and find that the best rooms look timeless when they’re layered with unique objects and peppered with sentimentality.

Best Interior Designer J. Randall Powers2


Having grown up around the home-construction business, he is acutely aware of how spaces should be laid out and how rooms work. He says that builders like him because he can get things done and work easily with the contractors. He has even taken on clients because they were in a home that he had once lived in and remodeled, and they thought it worked really well, so when they embarked on that process on their own. For him it’s awesome to help educate someone in an area they know very little about and see them smile when they realized they are getting a better product.

Best Interior Designer J. Randall Powers5



Through the years, Powers has worked around the nation on both residential and commercial projects. His designs have been showcased in Southern Accents, House Beautiful, The New York Times, PaperCity, Brilliant and Martha Stewart Living, as wel as on the cover of Elle Decor. He has founded home furnishing retail stores and recently launched a lighting and furniture line throught visual comfort taht is available nationwide. He has also consulted with hight-end furniture manufacturers and has designed pieces for their collections.

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