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/Tips for a Modern Decoration

beppe brancato

The Italian design magazine Casa De Abitare has a new reason to smile: the italian photographer Beppe Brancato shot a reasonable number of series that will make any design lover be positively stuck by the descriptive power of these images that reflect a totally modern decoration.

As he is someone who firmly believes in the objectivity of oneself behind the camera, the result is quite the same as its beliefs: his shots are neutral, clear and right to the main visual goal.

modern lighting

The scenarios vary between the orange and yellow colors to the blue ones, along with modern furniture and lighting from the most distinguished brands of the moment.

The photographer describes himself as “An individual who is ready to undertake any given task and be an empty canvas ready to absorb his surrounding and expand along with it.”

beppe brancato wooden lamp

We must highlight the quality of the scenarios, as well as the growing importance of the wallpapers’ choice. The mix of the colors of the furniture, lighting and wallpapers aims to achieve the excellence.

retro modern lighting

Beppe Brancato’s career supports collaborations with design and architecture studios, artists, magazines, and agencies of international prestige.

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