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/ The Story of Eames



Eames, a American legendary designer, who have worked in several art areas, from architecture to furniture and from fine art to film industry. If we want to now more about Eames we can read the book “The Story of Eames Furniture” have 800 pages with more than 2,500 images or in the video told in 16.08 minutes by Marilyn Neuhart, author of the book, and her husband John.

The Story of Eames Furniture: Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart – Interview from Gestalten on Vimeo.


Both have worked at the Eames Office in various capacities since the 1950s. They have looked after the house of Charles and Ray Eames since the designers’ deaths and have supervised the Eames Archive. More familiar with the material and protagonists than almost any other, Marilyn Neuhart has spent the last 15 years compiling the stories, images, and recollections featured in this book.




“This book has been put together with almost the same attention to detail as a piece of Eames furniture!”
Jasper Morrison


It is a biography, not of an individual person, but of arguably the most influential and important furniture brand of our time. Brimming with images and information, this 2-volume, unparalleled detail how the design process in the Eames Office developed as well as the significant roles played by specific designers and manufacturers.




Its furniture still tops bestseller lists and, decades later, the pieces have not lost any of their original elegance, timelessness, freshness, and quality. Through intense and self-critical teamwork, the Eames Office was the first to translate the theoretical approach of the Bauhaus into commercially successful design for a mass market.





One can hardly exaggerate the relevance of Eames’s modern concept of design.The concepts that originated in the Eames Studio made a fundamental impact on modern design. Its combination of conceptual consistency, aesthetic mastery, and almost scientific persistence is particularly inspirational for young designers today.



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