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The best for your home: Tom Dixon’s Designs


Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by our nation’s unique heritage. Tom Dixon launches new collections annually with products sold more than 60 countries.


Today we’ll take a look on some of their most recent and most successful design pieces – who knows if you won’t find something new for your home!




Fresh Fat Chair

A chair and bowl that glistens like glass. The Fresh Fat collection uses extruded plastic which is formed by hand into a repeated link pattern. The PETG plastic is especially resilient and long-lasting.




Wingback Footstool Natural Legs

A series of upholstered furniture inspired by the 18th Century British Gentleman’s Chair. Traditionally manufactured, the frame is made from solid birch and stuffed with layers of natural cotton and boar bristle. The Wingback is an iconic feature in our collection.





Lustre Light Square


Lustre is the first stoneware object in the collection and is handmade in a Dutch family-run factory established over 5-generations. The latest discovery in our continued exploration of extraordinary metallic finishes, the iridescent sheen is created using a top-secret glaze containing minerals and precious metals. The end result is a striking colour change effect reminiscent of peacock feathers or oil slicks on water.

The handmade process results in a totally unique and unrepeatable finish for each individual object. No two shades look the same because the glaze fixes to the stoneware in an unpredictable way. This produces a wide spectrum of colour across each light, ranging from a pale lime to a deep bottle green.





Bell Table Light
An exercise in reductionism – Bell is a dome suspended over a dome formed of chrome plated pressed steel. The hyper-polished, mirrored and reflective surface allows Bell to take on the tone and characteristics of its surrounding area – our continued exploration into the super-shiny.





Y Chair Sled Base
A product which balances the threemost important requirements demandedof a contract chair: durability, a striking silhouette and an ergonomic form.

The Y Chair’s expressive shape is injection moulded in glass-reinforced nylon, which means that the material can be recycled, is fatigue resistant and absorbs shock and load through its flexibility.

Also available in white and with a variety of upholstery options. The Y Chair comes in sled, swivel and wooden bases.



Here are some of Tom Dixon’s latest design pieces. Found anything you liked? Hope so! Also hope you enjoyed the article!

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