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The best for your home: Armani Casa summer pieces

Good morning, readers!

How is today treating you? I hope you’re having a very positive and creative day!

Today I bring you a little article about the italian giant – Armani and some of their Home collection projects for this summer.

Notice the soft fabrics of the sofas and chairs, along with the smooth colours and smoothe edges. These transmit a sense of freshness, stillness and calm like a cool breeze that flows around the house – ideal for the warm summer that awaits. So have a look at some examples and maybe you’ll find some new ideas to decorate your home with.

armanicasa 4

armanicasa 3

armanicasa 2

armanicasa 2

Here are some examples of the brand’s trends for this summer. For more awesome pieces you might like check out their website at http://www.armanicasa.com/ .

As for us, we’ll “meet” again another time this week – stay tuned and subscribe for there are more articles incoming.

Have a wonderful week!


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