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Step inside Dimore Studio’s Founders Stunning Home

Published on: Feb 4, 2020

Step inside Dimore Studio’s Founders Stunning Home – The coolest duo, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, in the furniture and interior design scene, are known as Dimore Studio, or even better, DimoreMilano, the new evolution of their brand. In Italian, the word “Dimore” means abodes or dwellings, but it also evokes nostalgia.

Emiliano Salci is from Tuscany and Britt Moran is from the United States. As Moran started out his career as a graphic designer, Salci worked as a furniture designer and subsequently made his first steps in the fashion industry.

Dimore Studio is an interior design studio, from boutiques to homes, hotels, and restaurants. Most recently the brand has launched as a furniture and furnishing brand.

The two founders have an apartment in the city of design and fashion notable – Milan. A touch of history is at the core of Dimore Studio, whose Milan apartment, located on the second floor of a late-19th-century building, embraces an opulent bygone era.

Interior Design Giants has ventured inside this lovely home and will bring you some of the hottest details!

Many elements of this historical home were preserved by the pair of designers. The whole space character had remained untouched since the 30s and they do to continuos conserve the essential roots, as they’ve explained to Vogue:

“It’s important to us that a space has its own character and personality that we can add to. Scratches and nicks and wrinkles are part of a story. Wooden floors, for instance, only become truly beautiful with age.”

Some changes were applied by the founders of Dimore Studio to give a whole new life to this beautiful house. The added a touchstone of color in general to all of the divisions, depending on the available light and desired mood for the division specifically.

“We have a lot of heated discussions about colors, patterns, things like that, but I need his opinion as much as he needs mine about certain things. Finding the common ground is what makes everything work.”

In the salon, the deep relief of the octagonal plasterwork ceiling, the oversized and ornately decorated timber mantelpiece, the towering casement windows inset with leadlight glazing all speak to a fantasy of noble origins, perhaps more middle class than Middle Ages but no less enchanting for that fact.

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The inspirations behind the mindset of the home include Gio Ponti’s sensual modernism, the aristo-boho glamour of decorator Gabriella Crespi and a touch of the influences of the Italian film industry, specifically from names such as Fellini, Antonioni, and Visconti.

Dimore Studio is definitely a hot name regarding Italy’s top interior designers! Let your comment below and share it on social media. Your feedback is essential to us. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest

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