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Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects

Published on: Jan 9, 2019

Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects – Founded in 1972Pentagram is the world’s largest independently-owned design studio. Their work encompasses graphics and identity, architecture and interiors, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications.

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Today we are going to show you their best design projects, take a look:



Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects

Pentagram has designed the interiors for Varana, a new concept-led luxury fashion and accessories brand led by former Joseph managing director Marc Forestier and founded by renowned Indian graphic designer Sujata Keshavan.

The store, which is Varana’s first, is located on London’s noted shopping destination Dover Street, sharing a postcode with Victoria Beckham, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo.

“The shop’s aesthetic is a crossover between a gallery and a home, living in the middle of these two ideas.”

Margaret Howell Design Studio

Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects

Pentagram has designed the interiors for Margaret Howell’s design studio, the creative heart of the Margaret Howell label.

Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects

The studio is housed at the rear of the label’s Wigmore Street store, the site of the first collaboration between Pentagram and the fashion designer, which has gone on to encompass flagships and concession stores in Britain, France, Italy, and Japan.

“This elemental piece of furniture allows the studio to maintain a sense of calm, providing a home for all the samples, buttons, fittings and files essential to the studio’s everyday work.”


‘Sonic Playground’ For High Museum Of Art

Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects

This installation is made up of 6 interactive sound sculptures that manipulate sound depending on where you are standing, listening or speaking.

Using horns and pipes the acoustics can travel from one end to the other in a playful way, by kneeling down to listen or sitting between two pipes sounds can be transported from different parts of the sculptures to create a fun and unique listening experience.

“Working alongside the engineers, the design was tweaked to make the piece acoustically sound as well as structurally safe.”

‘Sonic Pendulum’ For Audi

Pentagram Studio: The Best Design Projects

Set against the backdrop of an old Milanese seminary, the ‘Sonic Penduluminstallation is made up of three structures supporting 30 pendulums.

Each pendulum is equipped with a speaker playing a calming ambient bassline, while artificial intelligence modulates sounds that are being made in the space – creating an “ever-evolving, meditative calming atmosphere.


‘A Glacier’s Requiem’

Multimedia artist Julia Calfee spent months living underneath the Länta glacier, Switzerland, at 2,100 meters above sea level in rudimentary conditions to understand and preserve as an archive the images and sounds of the melting glaciers.

Designed by Pentagram Berlin, the book is split into six sections with contributions from six artists.

Pentagram introduced a simple hexagon as the main graphic element, as common ice crystals are symmetrical with a hexagonal pattern.


‘Vegan Dogs’ For Do The Green Thing

The Pentagram-based environmental public service Do The Green Thing has released its eleventh Issue: Why your dog can – and should – go vegan’.

The Issue’s editorial dispels antiquated beliefs about meat-only dog diets and debunks emotional objections to plant-based alternatives.

“Published in the wake of the IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming, the Issue spotlights one of the lesser considered culprits of excessive meat consumption: dog food.”

Click here for more information about this amazing design studio.

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