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NYC Guide: 5 Amazing New York Industrial Lofts

Published on: Dec 25, 2018

NYC Guide: 5 Amazing New York Industrial Lofts – As we all know New York is known for being one of the most exciting cities in the world! That’s why today I am going to show you 5 outstanding New York Industrial Lofts! Prepare to be amazed:



NYC Guide: 5 Amazing New York Industrial Lofts

The style “Industrial Chic” is perfectly represented in this loft, which has become more and more popular with the increasing transformation of former warehouses, factories, and loft spaces. The new york loft is utilitarian, simple and has a natural and clean look.

NYC Guide: 5 Amazing New York Industrial Lofts

Designed by Søren Rose Studio, this 19h-century factory was renovated into a 1400 square foot loft apartment in New York. This TriBeCa apartment still features many original details and is the perfect balance between New York architecture and Scandinavian minimalist.

NYC Guide: 5 Amazing New York Industrial Lofts

Online homewares and furniture purveyor Hunting for George has collaborated with Melbourne design studio Grazia & Co to produce this outstanding loft apartment

NYC Guide: 5 Amazing New York Industrial Lofts

Located in the western part of Lower Manhattan, New York, this industrial loft was designed by Andrew Franz. And did you know that this remarkable space loft was a 19th-century before this incredible transformation?

Designed by Jesse Turek, this two-bath loft in NoHo features a decor arsenal with only a few prized pieces of art and rare Yankee Stadium memorabilia. All in all, this is an elevated and sophisticated loft made for entertaining, since the owner is a bachelor that wanted a home worthy of his age and status.

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