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On April of 2013, will be the opening of a new LEGOLAND Hotel. All lovers of LEGO will be in love with this new theme hotel.

This hotel will surely delight all LEGO lovers,  from the little ones to the most grown-ups. The new California LEGOLAND Hotel, will immerse guests in a true adventure unforgettable.

This resort is composed of thematic areas, and many creative spaces for all ages and all king of Lego Lovers

All 250 rooms are themed rooms where guests can choose between the Lego pirate theme: “Kingdom” or “Adventure”. They have two separate areas, the part of the adults ‘ bedroom and the other part that can support up to 3 children.

The hotel entrance is guarded by a dragon that will welcome the newcomers, from his castle.

This resort offers multiple interactive features, and in addition to the features thematic areas, offers family pool and very, very children’s entertainment.

You will not be bored for the more grown entering in this fantasy world, because this Resort not only offers great fun for the little ones as well as for the adults who were accommodated in their rooms “Kingdom” with maximum comfort.

For those who want to live intensely this adventure and experience true adventure Legoland, there is still the possibility of staying with the most characteristic rooms and more personalized, with jungle animals, tarantulas and characters from LEGO, pirates, treasure maps among other emblematic LEGO figures.

It will certainly be a great adventure for anyone visiting this Hotel, and will not be so easily forgotten.






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