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Must Visit Hotels Around the World

Hello, folks! There sure are innumerous awesome places around Earth we should visit, so today I’m giving you a quick glimpse at some of the prettiest hotels in the world. Sure most of us can’t afford to visit them, but, alas, dreaming is still free! Hope you enjoy!



Ladera Resort,St Lucia, West Indies 




Taking full advantage of its natural surroundings, Ladera offers a unique design in guest accommodations. The 32 suites all have an “open wall” – the west side of each unit is left open to expose the breathtaking view, and the orientation of the buildings maintains complete privacy.



Cocoa Island Resort, Maldives




Just a 40-minute speedboat ride from the archipelago’s main airport, Cocoa Island floats as a cluster of 33 over-water suites (straight out from those sweeping white sand beaches you’ve seen in every tropical island fantasy you’ve ever had). Encircled with powder white sand, the carefree, understated luxury experience includes holistic wellness treatments at COMO Shambhala Retreat, South Indian-influenced cuisine and worldclass diving. With two private diving reefs to explore, who’s got time for spa treatments?



 Burj Al Arab, Dubai




The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab is more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai.

Yet for all the wonder this stunning structure provides when you finally see it in person, it is the service within that really makes the Burj Al Arab so extraordinary.

Repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, this magnificent destination offers you the finest service and facilities throughout – right down to an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.

Burj Al Arab suite-only accommodation offers discreet check-in within your rooms, a private reception on every floor and a host of personal butlers, each a warm messenger of our unparalleled hospitality.



 Conrad Maldives Hotel, Maldives




Barefoot luxury meets unpretentious style at this five star hotel in the Maldives. Home to whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and turtles, Conrad Maldives is set on two islands and is reached by a 30-minute seaplane flight.
Relax at one of two spas or on the beautiful white sand beaches. South Ari Atoll is a fabulous spot for diving or exploring. Take one of the many excursions available, including a mini-submarine ride to enjoy the vibrant coral reef.



 Astarte Suites Hotel, Greece




The infinity pool to end all infinity pools — this hotel in Santorini is so proud of its pool that you can even view it in blistering high-def 360-degree panorama on the website. The luxury doesn’t stop at the pool, however, as every suite is decked out with all of the amenities one would expect from a luxury resort, plus some form of Jacuzzi.
Located in the settlement of Akrotiri and perched on the volcanic cliffs of Caldera, the unique property of Astarte Suites offers luxurious accommodation with stunning views to the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the iconic volcano right in the middle!
Ideal for couples seeking a dreamy place to celebrate their love or spend their honeymoon, each suite boasts magnificent views, individual décor and top-notch amenities!


So here’s a small list of gorgeous and paradisiac hotels, stay tuned for more, shortly we’ll post others – who knows some which of you already visited and can share your feedback with us! Have a happy week!



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