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/ Mid-Century Modern Kitchen of your Dreams

mid-century modern kitchen

The Mid-Century Modern Kitchen of your Dreams is closest than ever…

One of the options is to combine wood furniture, such as classic wooden chairs and an ancient wood table with a  mid-century modern lamp. The rest of the kitchen equipment should be in white, in order to create a contrast.

mid-century modern lighting

Another option is to go for grey: it is one of the colours that simultaneously symbolizes a cozy and a sophisticated ambiance. Note the square floor: the white & black squares do effectively the difference. The old chair also evokes a charm hard to avoid.

mid-century modern kitchen

Ok, you want to increase the modernity against the mid-century decor. If so, just focus on a sophisticated modern lighting, as well as a completely modern center table, while the rest of the elements rest as ancient as they could be, to keep that mid-century modern look.

mid-century modern  lighting

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