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Matteo Thun & Partners Innovative Product Design Department and More

Matteo Thun & Partners Innovative Product Design Department and More

Matteo Thun & Partners Innovative Product Design Department and MoreMatteo Thun & Partners is world famous architecture and interior design firm and is also very famous for their innovative product design department. And it includes two sub-brands: Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo’s architecture and interior design firm MTLC for Italian projects, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez’s design studio MTDR.

There is a project to open yet another branch in China.

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MP_Matteo-Thun_02_0051 Top Architect | Matteo Thun MP Matteo Thun 02 0051

A distinctive sign of Matteo Thun’s work is the blending between the creations of the studio and the surroundings.

Matteho Thun JW Marriott Top Architect | Matteo Thun Matteho Thun JW Marriott

“Their projects are sustainable, both in terms of environmental sustainability and durability of performance and aesthetic. A simple appearance and natural materials prevail in product design, bringing objects to life which come close to the iconography of their archetype and stay away from stylistic ‘isms’ in both small and large-scale projects”.

web_Fontenay_Stoermer_Thun_aussen Top Architect | Matteo Thun web Fontenay Stoermer Thun aussen

Here we discover the world of one of the greatest names in Italian and international architecture.

Matteo Thun was born in 1952 in Bolzano, in the North of Italy, and is one of the most well-known architect and designer in the country and in the world.

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sketch_rossi_d_albizzate_ORIGINALE_ Top Architect | Matteo Thun sketch rossi d albizzate ORIGINALE

In 1981, he was one of the co-founders of the Memphis Group, a design movement that helped shape form and style throughout the 1980s. The following year, he was appointed the chair in product design and ceramics by the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Matteo-Thun-02_memphis_jp270411 Top Architect | Matteo Thun Matteo Thun 02 memphis jp270411

In 1984, he founded his Studio, in Milan, Italy. Between 1990 and 1993, he worked as the Creative Director at Swatch.



Piacermio Restaurant and Bar

PiacermioMarinaDiVenezia_Cavallino_02 Top Architect | Matteo Thun PiacermioMarinaDiVenezia Cavallino 02

Following the success of the Garden Villas created in 2013, the Marina di Venezia campsite has entrusted the architectural firm Matteo Thun & Partners / MTLC with the design of their new “Piacermio” refreshment area, complete with restaurant, ice-cream parlour and bar. Designed by Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo, together with Massimo Colagrande, the project is characterized by linear architecture and continuity between the interior, the pine forest and the surrounding gardens. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Abu Dhabi Green Island

abu_dhabi_1 Top Architect | Matteo Thun abu dhabi 1

An exclusive residential development designed for Al Raha Beach, a newly expanded coastal district east of Abu Dhabi. The complex with sixty villas of about 1,200 square metres is designed according to three different lifestyles – Modern, Classic and Sealine – and immersed in the greenery of private gardens and communal green areas. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

La Vera Hotel

La_vera_Hotel_Attu_Studio Top Architect | Matteo Thun La vera Hotel Attu Studio

Situated amidst the Dolomites, Cortina boasts the panorama of Tofane and Cristallo mountains rising behind it. The integration of the buildings into this authentic landscape is the aim of La Vera Hotel. Three horizontal buildings with green roofs, built with local materials and technologies limit the environmental impact at best while offering enough space for twenty-two suites, a restaurant-bar and a two-level spa. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).




Villa Adriana

villa_adriano_Lake_Villas_1 Top Architect | Matteo Thun villa adriano Lake Villas 1

With a privileged view on the east shore of Lake Zurich, the design of Villa Adriana envisaged a cluster of six minimalist luxury residential units. Formal essentiality, zero-kilometer materials and advanced technologies such as geothermal energy combine to a project that combines beauty and sustainability. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Milan Residential Tower

Milan_residential_Towers_2 Top Architect | Matteo Thun Milan residential Towers 2

This project for three towers in a residential area north of Milan, the building is recessed from the road. Interrupting the street alignment, it leaves a green ribbon of about 6,500 square meters that links the building to the surrounding public space. As a sort of garden, it breaks up the cityscape to create a new relationship between the massive part of the building and the street. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).


Interior Design

Villa Eden Gardone

MT_gardone Top Architect | Matteo Thun MT gardone

On Lake Garda, a Mediterranean villa and club house in touch with nature. The interior design of the Club House and the Matteo Thun Villa at Villa Eden are dominated by the panorama. The wide glazed façades and windows allow the park and the landscape of Lake Garda to enter and merge with the interiors in bright colours and a prevalence of fine natural materials. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Hilton Barcelona

matteothunbarcelona Top Architect | Matteo Thun matteothunbarcelona

Flexible spaces, eclectic furnishing and a multifunctional design. The hall can adapt to all forms of hospitality and events, from business meetings to art exhibitions. While maintaining the static architectural shape of the building and by conserving its original character and appearance, the lobby becomes an airy space of 15 metres height. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Nhow Hotel Milan

MT_giulio_oriani_lobby_8 Top Architect | Matteo Thun MT giulio oriani lobby 8

From factory to industrial chic hotel. Set up in a former factory, the Nhow hotel in Milan is a microcosm of design and art offering exhibition spaces where furniture and facilities can be adapted to suit the needs of a wide range of cultural and social events. The interiors present a chameleonic, metropolitan mix of no-design and one-off pieces by artists and designers. The corridors are tunnels where to admire works inspired by street art and graffiti that have been interspersed among the cast-iron columns. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).


Riva 1920, Woody Stool

riva_1920_woody_1 Top Architect | Matteo Thun riva 1920 woody 1

Matteo Thun’s first design for R1920 to be made in solid cedar-wood. In fact, in its complete simplicity WOODY is a celebration of wood a material. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Tantisassi Upholstered Furniture

tantisassi02 Top Architect | Matteo Thun tantisassi02

Taking up the Supersassi theme, this series of sofas and armchairs combines upholstered soft “stones” (Italian: Sassi) to a sitting landscape. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Illy Art Collection

illy_art_collection Top Architect | Matteo Thun illy art collection

Since 1991, more than 500 artists have interpreted and decorated the Matteo Thun design classic for Illy and created the Illy cup art collection. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).

Swarovski Chandeliers

MTnuvola Top Architect | Matteo Thun MTnuvola

Sparkling statement on light. Light refraction is the real designer of this series of chandeliers. An infinity of crystals combine to interact with light and generate scintillating light effects. (Source: Matteo Thun & Partners).


Matteo Thun is one of the top Italian firms for a broad range of projects and products. Their areas of expertise cover all fields up to alternative energy resources used for their plans. 

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