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Matteo Brioni Italian Design with Natural Finishes

Matteo Brioni: Italian Design with Natural Finishes

Matteo Brioni: Italian Design with Natural Finishes – Matteo Brioni is a unique type of Italian company with a huge specialization in natural finishes for architecture and interior design using a unique material: raw earth. With a very ecological and ethical message regarding the fate of the earth, this studio has managed to produce some of the most remarkable clay pieces one has ever seen in Italian pottery.

All photo credits belong to Matteo Brioni
SuspensionLamp, Red, Diana, Product

Matteo Brioni is an Architect who matured his expertise on clay and bricks all thanks to the advantage of having the knowledge, experience and passion that the family gathered over four generations as a solid backup. This special experience that the Brioni family accumulated for generations was born within a furnace in the fields of Gonzaga, owned by the Brioni family since 1922. The family has produced bricks since that decade, which is heavily related to the strong connection that Matteo himself has formed with raw earth.


In his projects Matteo Brioni, more than conceding and creating new and innovative projects and objects from the material, he has an aim to go beyond the limits of this material, by doing daily research and continuous development, for how to use it use in architecture and design.



There is a heavy environmental factor that also moves Matteo Brioni: the aim to provide high performance with low environmental impact. Earth a “sustainable” and “healthy” material, which is why the architect aims to take full advantage of this natural material in design creations.

“I discovered, like many designers, earth, was not only a “sustainable” and “healthy” material, but also sensual and “naturally” beauty, pleasant to the touch and sinuously adaptable to any surface.” – Matteo Brioni Website


L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Among some of his solutions, Matteo Brioni has found three types of solutions: Vertical, Horizontal and Tridimensional Surfaces. All of them work particularly well in interior architecture and interior design. The materials conceded, be them for the architecture of decoration are without a doubt a perfect example of how well the Earth’s resources can be properly taken advantage of without harming the planet.


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“The earth is part of everyone’s past. however, mine in particular. growing up in gonzaga, among the history, the fields and clay quarries can have a strong impact on your choices, especially if you spend your days around an 18th century industrial building that closely resembles a farm.” – Matteo Brioni Website


Raw earth, as a matter of fact, definitely comes off as a very versatile type of material. Matteo Brioni has managed to produce floors, plasters and finishes with this resource. One of the best examples of the versatility of this material can be shown in the project that Brioni presented at Dubai Design Week 2018: his BOISERIE collection (shown above).


Matteo Brioni has conciliated an incredible portfolio thanks to his unique talent and material of choice. You can find projects of him in areas such as retail, restaurantshospitalityprivate residencesshowrooms and many more.

Himba Rug


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