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Marcel Wanders: Mondrian Doha 5-Star Hotel Inauguration

Industrial and hospitality design genius Marcel Wanders and SWA Architecture‘s recent work for SBE, the Mondrian Doha in Qatar is more than your average 5-star hotel. It’s actually probably the most beautiful thing you’ll see this week, maybe even this month.

If you’re a fan of contemporary classic design buildings, multicultural haute-cuisine, and pure luxury installments, you should start looking into bookings while it’s promotion season.

Marcel Wanders: Mondrian Doha 5-Star Hotel Inauguration

This amazing destination has a broad general arabic theme design, but its inside is compartmentalized into specific detailed styles that offer a constantly rennovative experience as you see more and more of it. Relying globally on white and golden tones but also including amazing rainbow-colored scenarios, Marcel Wanders knew exactly what kind of story he wanted to tell with this enormous, earth-shaking project.

Marcel Wanders: Mondrian Doha 5-Star Hotel Inauguration

Marcel Wanders always matches his design themes with the local culture and site customs on which he picks up. From the hotel’s amazing white and gold, hall-of-fame-like lobby, its multiple award-winning restaurants to its royal penthouses, VIP units, bridal suites and premium and standard rooms, the Mondrian Doha depicts local patterns, Arabic writing, historic souks and falcons. Columns with golden eggs, falcon video art, colorful stained glass and mosaic tilings leave their guests absolutely breathless.

Marcel Wanders: Mondrian Doha 5-Star Hotel Inauguration

The lobby includes a gigantic gold leaf bell with a crystal chandelier, and the lounge features a surreal white forest with huge white Trees of Life. The hotel features a world-class spa –  “Conceptually, we have married local culture with a modern design aesthetic to compile tales told from legends through sophisticated verses of poetry,” said Marcel Wanders.

This amazing designer’s constant luxury design performance has granted him an eternal spot on our list of the world’s top Interior Design Giants. Aren’t you curious to which others have joined him? Stay tuned for more updates!

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