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Luxury Cabinets You’ll Love

Today we’ll have a look at some of the world’s most luxurious cabinets! Not everyone can afford them, and that’s exactly why they’re so unique. For those who can, consider yourselves lucky – any of these will make your living room look a whole lot better. Check them out!



Oporto cabinet – Boca do Lobo




The Portuguese brand is one of the best in the world – there’s no denying it. Their products are all handmade and transmit an unique sense of luxury. This one here is named after this year’s European Best Destination (by the way, I’ve been there once and it’s an absolutely gorgeous place), the second largest city in Portugal – Porto – which is also where the company is headquartered.
This cutting edge piece was inspired in the rhythmic undulating of its black slate rooftops and building facades.
Cabinet in wood, finished with silver leaf. Its base has a metal reinforcement. In its interior, there are three shelves in glass. The handles have a lion shape and are finished with silver leaf. The interior is finished with silver leaf, with a high gloss translucent varnish.
Arts and Techniques: Joinery, Foundry, Tiles, and Application of Silver Leaf, Glass Work and Varnishing.
Materials and Finishes: Silver leaf covered with translucent lapis high gloss varnish, wood, metal and glass.



Orion cabinet – Brabbu





Another luxury Portuguese brand, but unlike Boca do Lobo, uses nature as its source of inspiration. All its pieces are inspired in something that belongs to the world that surrounds us – be that shapes, textures or colours.
This cabinet resembles the shape of the constellation of Orion, one of the most distinctive that brighten our skies.
Body is in matte walnut root, stainved copper leaf with black translucent;
Interior in ash wood, high gloss ash root veneer and mirror. Base in brushed brass.



Spellbound – Koket


Now something for the ladies! Koket, an American brand designed by Janet Koket is a luxury furniture brand with an obvious feminine inspiration on its work. This cabinet transmits a sense of reveal & conceal asKoket takes a beautiful chest form and adorns it metal organic lace, revea- ling a mesmerizing hint of what lies beneath.
It has a metal base & detailed organic work available in aged brass, pewter metal. The structure is in high gloss or matt black, antique mirror, peacock feathers



Psiche – Nella Vitrina




Nella Vetrina showcases the best in the classic and modern Italian furniture and Italian lighting design. This cabinet is a contemporary Italian glass handmade and shown in mirror with 4 doors and 4 legs. Finishes: mirror or white lacquer. Other glass colors available upon request. Version: standard with legs, uplifted, straight top with legs, uplifted straight top.



Club – Armani Casa




This cabinet is designed by one of the biggest and most known designers in the world – Armani Casa/Home, the Italian giant.
The Club range is made up of a single-block element with 4 little openable container doors. For easier use, the two upper doors can be opened separately from the bottom ones. Like the Riesling range already part of the collection, the Club cocktail cabinet features container doors for the storage of glasses. The interior holds a lower pull-out shelf for the preparation of drinks, a fold-out top for service and several drawers: one for cocktail utensils, the other to store the ice bucket, the largest for bottles. The base with an X-shaped frame and satin black nickel finish; outer lining of grey lizard skin; interior metallic bronze lacquered finish, details with satin black nickel finish. Lined with washable bronze vinyl fabric inside the drawers and trays.



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