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Lighting Trends for your Home

Hello, Interior Design Giants’ readers! How was your weekend? Hope it was great and that you feel rested and ready to face the new week ahead with a smile!

Today we’ll go on lighting trends that you can use on your home to make it more cozy and beautiful.

Properly planned lighting can transform a room from dark and drab to bright and beautiful. Gone are the days when lighting was a purely functional decision. With the vast selection of designs available today, lighting has become a key part of the overall design scheme. The correct light fixture can add personality to a space and pull the entire room together.  Here are some tips:

Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural lighting fixtures combine function and art with unique abstract designs. Sculptural fixtures are usually very detailed and feature unique shapesand accents. Here’s an awesome example from a great company: Brabbu; this lamp is called Cypres.


Refined Rustic

This trend brings together rustic finishes with modern shapes, fabrics and accents for a more refined look. Rustic wood finishes with contemporary linen shades or modern cut crystals are a perfect example of this refined rustic trend.



Today’s crystal designs come in a wide variety of styles that can add glamour to any room – from traditional to contemporary. The ever growing selection gives consumers a great selection of styles in a variety of price ranges.



Brass is making a comeback in home decor accessories and lighting for 2013. To avoid creating a dated look, choose pieces that offer contemporary designs or simply, classic styles. The great thing about brass is the enormous amount of finishes you can apply. Check here, for example, this DelightFULL’s lamp – Coltrane.


So, any nice ideas for your house? I hope so!

Don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more articles this week! Take care!



Ângelo Gomes


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