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Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration

Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration

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Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration – Still keeping in mind the latest edition of Maison et Object, we highlight the newest and most innovative ideas for your home decoration in lightning. This joyful and mid-century chandeliers and lamps are a great way to spice things up in a variety of room divisions. Get in touch with this luxurious and out of the box brands that sparkle and bring a different light to your life.


Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration

Beginning with an idea focused principally on a younger audience, the brand Circu presented their Cloud Collection, attracting even adults with this lamp that can be controlled via mobile app to change its lights and sound. During the Maison et Object, all eyes were on this suspension lamp that can make your children travel beyond reality and straight into their dreams.


Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration 2

This piece called Matheny Chandelier, by Portuguese brand DelightFULL, was presented as the magnificent, luxurious suspension that is a new take on mid-century interior design. It can be used in a modern living room or dining room, giving it a standout look for home decoration.

Boca do Lobo

Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration 4

It is never a secret that this brand creates authentic art pieces. Boca do Lobo delivered the Lumiere suspension lamp, and it gave immediately away how detailed it is in its conception. Made with a perfect mixture of design and craftsmanship, this is an exclusive piece that will make your home decoration the absolute centre of attention.


The design of this luxurious piece is a composition of emotional and beautiful lines. The Gala Suspension, by interior design brand LUXXU, achieves an elegant lightining outcome for the most exquisite room.


Innovative lightning to sparkle your home decoration 6

From their mouse lamp collection comes a love-themed edition that caught attention at Maison et Object 2019. This is a unique lamp piece that will make your room one of a kind.

All of these lighting ideas are an innovative way to bring personality and elegance to your home decoration, giving it a unique vision and highlighting how groundbreaking your taste in all things lamps and chandeliers is.

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