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How to put colors in interiors

How to color interiors

Painting the entire interior of a house will transform it from ordinary to stimulating, giving it more property value. Doing it right though, requires serious planning. Color selection is an integral part of the design rather than something which is applied superficially after.

The first thing we need is a vision of what we want to achieve. Set out your goals for the place. What is the desired emotional tone or ambiance of the space? Do you want to focus or divert attention? Do you want to make it seem larger or smaller? Do you want to break a space apart or bring it together with another?

In this example the unsaturated, light tones set a calm luxurious mood for this room.How to put colors in interiors

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But here, the bright red contrasts with the white fluffy wall and make everything more energetic but cosy.How to put colors in interiors

Here, since the room has plenty of ceiling height, the structural details are brought closer with the orange color.How to put colors in interiors

On the other hand, this room is hardly tall enough for someone to walk in, so the ceiling is blurred in the environment and blended in with the walls as much as possible by keeping the same color.How to put colors in interiors

The whiteness of this living room progresses into the next floor and other divisions of the house, unifying the spaces in harmony and freestanding the furniture elements.How to put colors in interiors

Alternatively, color can divide space and emphasize different layers of a room to create more depth.How to put colors in interiors

 Some extra tips:

If you have clients, talk to them and have them tell you what they want out of it. Then it’s about finding the right combination and use of colors.

Look around the interior, register your thoughts and ideas. Keep in mind where will people walk around, the architecture, where the light comes in, the furnishings etc…

Finally, take photos, then edit them to explore ideas, like colors schemes, murals and possible furnishings. They are a great way to present early ideas to the client.

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