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How To Decor Your Luxurious Bathroom

How To Decor Your Luxurious Bathroom– Every part of the house is important and the bathrooms are not an exception. They can be just as unique and extravagant as any other part.


Here are some exclusive products that I’m sure you are going to love:

Newton Bathtub

How To Decor Your Luxurious Bathroom

One of the bestsellers by Maison Valentina specialized in bathroom furniture. This piece was inspired by the composition of the atom and it’s the bathtub you need if you are looking for some extravagant and peculiar design to give your bathroom a unique touch. It’s made with the finest selection of materials such as brass, marble, wood, glass.



Koi Bathtub

Still in the bathtub theme’s, here is another masterpiece by Maison Valentina. This one was inspired in the scales of the Japanese Koi carp and it’s the perfect piece for your bathroom if you want sophistication and comfort combine in one piece – the contrived patina iron tub as an oval shape and a curved lip making it the perfect resting spot for your head.

How To Decor Your Luxurious Bathroom


Ring Mirror

Mirrors and bathrooms go hand in hand. Boca do Lobo has the exquisite mirrors to spice up the walls of your bathroom or any other division of the house. A piece you will certainly love, The Ring Mirror, such an elegant piece of art with its interior made of refined carved wood.

Brubeck Wall lamp

How To Decor Your Luxurious Bathroom

Delightfull is known for their unique lamps inspired in a fresh mid-century. This lamp is also a must-have in your bathroom, it’s sophisticated, modern and refinement. Dave Brubeck, the jazz pianist was the inspiration for this piece.

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