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Home Decoration Ideas Inspired by Moooi

In the Dutch language the word MOOI means beautiful: the third ‘O’ in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness. The dutch design brand strives to create the most successful innovative design-collection ever and creates unprecedented value and opportunity for its customers

The latest collection from Moooi, includes furniture and lighting by Marcel Wanders and Studio Job, two of the top designers from the Netherlands. In addition to Marcel Wanders’ designs, the Moooi portfolio contains a range of work from other nationally and internationally recognized designers. These include, amongst others, Jurgen Bey, Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Jaime Hayon, Neri & Hu, Studio Job and Nika Zupanc.

These year’s trends consist mostly of the contrast between the black and the white, with the use of various animal elements in the decoration.


Moooi Random Pendant Light_7



This may look basic, but the pieces here are Moooi’s latest adition, and the goal is to create a sense of balance between the two opposites. Simple, practical and confortable.


As for the animal elements, here are some examples of Moooi’s latest creations.

Here’s a horse lamp for you:





A big lamp for a big living room; it sure will stand out and make your home unforgettable!


And now a rabbit:





The black and white is always present and all pieces are designed by the dutch giant, including the carpet.


Some lighting and upholstery pieces, form the Smoke collection – Smoke Chairs and Smoke Chandelier.





And of course, as every house should have, something for the mums; a chair within a chair (chairception if I were to make a joke with Christopher Nolan’s Inception). I present you the Pregnant Chair






Pregnant Chair consists of a chair with a smaller child’s chair stored in the frame under its seat. The product was exhibited by Moooi at Superstudio Più in Milan. “The Pregnant Chair expresses the beautiful physical and emotional relationship that exists between a mother and her child,” says the piece’s designer, Trent Jensen.





All these pieces are from the 2014 catalogue and have already been presented in Milan and Paris’ fairs this year.


This was this week’s article about one of the biggest and most known interior design giants in the world. Hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe even got inspired for a little furniture renovation.


For more info visit www.moooi.com and have a look at their products!



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