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/ Golden Light Trend 2013 : The Brighter the Better

golden light

Looking for an easy, chic way to change the way you feel at home? Decorate with golden & white tons. Start browsing the most stylish combinations and room schemes and check out and join our New Pinterest Board for Golden Fever Inspirational Decor.

Define your decor criteria by mixing a white side table and a black console, harmonizing your choice with a grey wall. Then, go for a splash of gold & white for your wall lighting: choose Hanna Wall lamp, by taking advantage of its gold plated and white matte finishes.

And if gold is the detail of the moment to style up your home decor, choose a majestic corner lamp: Botti Floor lamp will be the focus of any lighting scene.

modern floor lighting

Botti floor lamp

To complete Hanna’s family trendy advise, decorate your living room with the bright Hanna Floor lamp.

The frame wouldn’t be complete without Botti Suspension lamp, a golden treasure for your home deco impossible to resist.

modern suspension lamp

Modern Suspension Lamp Botti

Via Delightfull  Blog

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