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Garden Lounge & Restaurant project in Ascona has selected Buzzi & Buzzi

For the Garden Lounge & Restaurant project in Ascona, Matteo Thun & Partners has selected ORIS IP65 by Buzzi & Buzzi. The product provides diffused lighting and wet resistance.


The Giardino Lounge & Restaurant, set inside Hotel Giardino in Ascona on Lake Maggiore, is a youth and suggestive location, that has its hallmark in the dialogue between inside and outside, developed through a play of references to natural elements: from the vertical garden that triumphs in the main room to the textiles that decorate the lounge valorized by the contrast with the white furniture.


With this solution, Matteo Thun & Partners creates not only a place within bar, restaurant and lounge are linked but also a suggestive meeting place without time, in contact with nature.


The winter garden and the setting are enhanced by the choice of the studio to use the quality of Buzzi & Buzzi total recessed lighting products. In particular ORIS IP65 in Coral WaterOut® allowed to obtain a spread lighting maintaining the vegetation of the vertical wall green and luxuriant.

This luminaire fits perfectly nearby damp spaces, the IP65 grade in fact gives the ideal qualities to be installed outside and in places with high humidity like the situation of the vertical garden. Especially, the waterproofness of the product is granted not only by the characteristics of the electrical part but also by the innovative material Coral WaterOut®, patented by Buzzi & Buzzi, that has excellent properties of thermal resistance, atoxicity, hardness and water repellency.


The project had ambitious aims from the lighting and botanic point of view, in fact, it was necessary a detailed study with Buzzi & Buzzi and the creators of the green wall to assure a uniform light avoiding the overheating. For this purpose Buzzi & Buzzi has installed ORIS IP65 in metal halide version CDMR111: with the adjustabe basket inside and the possibility to alternate 35W and 70W lamps, oriented respectively toward the top and the bottom of the wall, have been obtained an amazing result maintaining an ideal microclimate for green preservation.



The product: ORIS

The ORIS series is a system for hanging plasterboard ceilings. ORIS has been developed for being an integral part of the hanging ceiling and, once installed, it disappears completely to the view. Body is in Coral WaterOut® and the product is delivered with supported glass in satin white. Respected to the hanging ceiling the glass is 3 cm backward.

The material: Coral WaterOut®

By modifing the structure of Coral®, Buzzi & Buzzi has now created Coral WaterOut®, a new material, thoroughly tested by The Giordano Institute, which has proved highly resistant to water penetration. This water-repellent effect remains unchanged over time as it is not a matter of superficial finish but rather a structural feature of the material itself. In this way, the property of impermeability is added to the qualities of durability, toughness, non-toxicity and easthetic appeal already to be found in Coral®. This material is therefore ideally suited to IP65/IP44 rated recessing lighting, suitable for use in external environments and ideal for light systems in spas, wellness clubs, massage centres, swimming-pools, bathrooms, and all the other locations where water and humidity restrict the choice of technical lighting.

Source: Ghénos Design Communication |

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