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Find Out Here One Of France’s Best Interior Designer

Find Out Here One Of France’s Best Interior Designer – Today I am going to presenting you one of France’s best interior designer! Her name is Stephanie Coutas and she founded the Stéphanie Coutas Agency in 2002. Let’s get to know her better:



Find Out Here One Of France's Best Interior Designer

This top interior designer and decorator has retained since her childhood “an intuitive appetence for the mixing of cultures and the refinement “art de vivre” with no show of ostentation”. Her prestigious and luxurious achievements distinguish themselves by the nobility of the materials used, the prestige of bespoke as well as the exceptional quality and originality of the finishing touches.

Find Out Here One Of France's Best Interior Designer

Her amazing and elegant work is defined by a neoclassical and contemporary style, which revisit all the eras and trends of decorative art with audacity. Elegance, “joie de vivre” and comfort are the three cardinal values that Stéphanie Coutas support in her work.

Miss Coutas founded the Stéphanie Coutas Agency in 2005. In this agency, this top designer employs an international team of highly skilled design professionals that help her accomplish her amazing vision. Various qualified architectsinterior designersdesigners, integrated purchasing office working in close collaboration with leading craftsmen and renowned artists work closely with the Agency and Stéphanie Coutas herself to create amazing projects.

Those projects include amazing residential projects, “pied-à-terre”, penthouses, hotels, spas, and restaurantsStéphanie Coutas Agency manages international projects of any scale to the same strict standards, from the design to (turnkey) delivery. Since 2015, Stéphanie Coutas expanded the business and has started producing furniture and decorative objects of high-quality.

For more information on Stéphanie Coutas, make sure you visit the Official Website and catch new information about this Agency’s projectsbusinesses, and products.

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