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/ Extensive Views of Mont Blanc

It is the peak of the skiing season in Europe and many dream about long winter holidays spent in lovely cottages with cozy fireplaces. I would like to show you some photos of One Oak Chalet, a half-rustic half-modern retreat offering both comfort and sophistication. As the owners stated, “everything is larger than life in…


    The Architectural Digest Home Design Show happens in NYC from the 21st till 24th of March and here it will be explored thousands of ideas to enhance interior design projects and much more. Here it’s possible to shop the latest products, and got inspired with programs and presentations by industry insiders. I have…


Lighting in your home is one of those tasks that you don’t always notice when it has a good presence and feeling when you’re in the space. Think about your home and if it has all the lighting characteristics you would like. If you think that they are not still represented, here are some tips…


Architectural Digest Home Design Show is one of the top architecture trade shows in the United States. The event is an ideal business event for leading industry experts from this sector to meet and exchange their views regarding the latest market developments and updates. In the edition of this year, AD Show 2013 will have…


Minsk, Belarus is the home for this exquisite, sophisticated and refined decoration loft,  and a “ unusual type of”. The colors used in this project makes it different, something  that earned special attention of the Russian designer Alexander Uglyanitsa. Is a space full of different spaces , and each piece and space are distinguished from each other., by…


Love the Mad Men Era? Are you a mid-century design enthusiast? There’s a place you need to know in New York City. Carl Hansen & Sons Showroom feature many of the most iconic mid-century modern furniture designs in a recently opened showroom in New York City. If you ever wondered how it feels to sit on iconic chairs, such as…


  Versace Home, which began in 1992, comprises two distinct collection themes: a highly ornate line that draws inspiration from classical and baroque art, and a contemporary line that dabbles in conceptual furniture design. Versace’s emblem, the head of Medusa surrounded by Greek frieze, features heavily in the designs, particularly in the dining wares. ART…

/ The Roger Ferris & Partners in Connecticut and The Bay House

Roger Ferris and Partners is a renowned Architectural firm practicing architecture, interior design and master planning services for both private and public sectors. Since 1985 they have received some of the top Design and architecture awards recently in 2012 they received an AIA New England, a Merit Award, a Chicago Athenaeum, and an American Architecture Award.…


/ The Story of Eames

  Eames, a American legendary designer, who have worked in several art areas, from architecture to furniture and from fine art to film industry. If we want to now more about Eames we can read the book “The Story of Eames Furniture” have 800 pages with more than 2,500 images or in the video told…


/ Decoration Empire

    This dutch brand has come to predominate over the years, through the great contrasts in trends and cultural combinations. The main objective of Decoration Empire is to create the ideal environment for each of their clients home. This brand develops projects in six different areas. In the “architecture”, with most classic trends more…

How to Integrating Serious Art Collections in Interior Design by Douglas Mackie

Published on: Oct 28, 2019  How to Integrating Serious Art Collections in Interior Design by Douglas Mackie – How to Integrating Serious Art Collections in Interior Design by Douglas Mackie – For clients in search of handsome interiors, moody colours and deep comfort, Douglas Mackie tops the list. He’s brilliant at integrating serious art collections, skilfully blending them against beautifully conceived…

/ Nina Andrade Silva

Atelier Nina Andrade Silvawon the award for best interior architecture of International Hotel Awards 2012-2013 by the project carried out in a hotel in Bogota. In 2010, Nini Andrade Silva had  also been awarded in the category of interior architecture for the European region at the Hotel Teatro in Porto. The Portuguese designer Nina Andrade…