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Beyonce and Jay-z Hampton’s Home

Beside the rumors that Beyonce may have betrayed Jay-z, with the President of United States, Barack Obama after them performing at the White House for the 50th birthday of Obama’s wife, they still look close and doesn’t appear be affected with these rumors.


Despite this rumor, Beyonce and Jay-z is one of the top celebrity couples in the universe, their marriage was a date every fans remember and the queen of R&B is still married, and well married! And she denied everything.

3 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-being-cute-couple-at-basketball-game

4 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-walk-on-beach-beyonce-and-jay-z-cute-celebrity-couple

She still appears on many magazine covers, do a lot of photo shoots, and be invited to perform at the White House with her husband, was the cherry at the top of cake. This kind of rumors just makes her marriage stronger.

5 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-red-carpet

6 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-photoshoot-beyonce-bikini

8 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-beyonce-laughing-cute

The real truth are, Beyonce and Jay-z are truly happy living in the Hampton’s, like most of the celebrities, rented a luxury home for $400,000 a month, listed at $43.5 million in the market but the home includes luxury upgrades such as a bowling alley and “planetarium” movie theater.


They moved to the Hampton’s with their cute little daughter, and we can see many times, the proud Jay-z, kissing and cuddle the little Blue Ivy who turning two last week.

12 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-baby-ivy-jay-z

Filled with four bedrooms, and the master bedroom the sprawling master bedroom, with lounge chairs and a vaulted ceiling and has a separate walk-in closet and master bath attached. The home has five and a half bathrooms, two acres of land, four “outbuildings,” a gym, apple orchard, and just about everything else that Blue Ivy would want in a vacation pad.

celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-master-bedroom14 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-bathroom-2

15 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-cinema

The luxury home are plenty of sitting rooms in the home, beamed ceilings and dark plank floors, very chic and comfortable interiors, this plenty rooms are perfect for entertaining guests, beside the movie theater we talk early with a gigantic flat screen TV and plush seating.

17 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-luxury-living-room

19 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-interiors

Eat-in kitchen has a central island and all the latest appliances, and the dining room looks out into the backyard, and can easily sit 12 guests.

20 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-dining-room

With a big swimming pool in the garden and a hot tub close by, the outside is wonderful. With many entertaining areas, complete with a fireplace.

The property is surrounded by trees and looks private, has 6,500 square feet and a few fireplaces. And apart from the main home, there is an attached 3-car garage.

22 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-garden-swimming-pool

Living the life, that’s what they’re doing. And with the little Ivy growing old so fast, they want to close all the rumors and have a happy but not so quiet life.

After all, she is the queen of R&B, and he the king of hip-hop! And there show together are just, incredible!

23 celebrity-homes-beyonce-jay-z-hamptons-luxury-home-jay-z-and-beyonce-performing


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