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/ Best Interior Design Giants : ROBERT KANER


Princeton- and Harvard-educated Robert Kaner brings a compelling set of qualities to his interiors: a refined aesthetic sensibility, a keen analytic ability and a meticulous attention to detail. Following a career as a corporate attorney with a leading global law firm, Kaner returned to school to pursue his passion for interior design. Within a short time after founding his design firm, Kaner’s work received national recognition in several leading design publications including Interior Design and Metropolitan Home magazines.


Robert Kaner was born in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in geographic proximity to the Cranbrook Acadamy and the Herman Miller Furniture Company, design and a modernist sensibility were part of his consciousness from an early age.


Robert Kaner’s former career stands out: prior to design school, he was a Harvard-educated partner at a major corporate law firm. Though he has been a full-time designer for over a decade, his unique background informs his work in subtle ways, like superlative project management skills and a problem-solving approach to spatial challenges. That’s not to say that Kaner’s interiors are pure intellect – his inviting take on modernism is full of fetching details, like a prewar Gramercy apartment with a series of references to the original segmented iron windows, or a Georgian Revival dining room that pairs subtle reds with a stark white pendant piece from Pallucco. That being said, Kaner is probably not the designer for a period recreation or ubertraditional home – there is a streak of the cutting edge in all of his work.


In designing interior spaces, Kaner combines a modernist design approach with an appreciation for gracious living. Each space takes on a distinctive look and feel developed for the particular project – the result of a considered design process which focuses on the client’s lifestyle and the character of the architectural surroundings.


The firm provides a full complement of interior design, renovation and project management services. Projects have ranged from a complete renovation of a 1930s Georgian colonial home, including historical restoration, new kitchen and baths and full furnishings; to the finishing out and furnishing of a new glass and steel apartment residence with site-specific millwork and custom and production furniture; to the renovation and furnishing of an Art Deco home and pool house on an island near Miami.



Source: Robert Kaner 

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