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Best Decorating Magazines

Howdy, folks!
With the summer almost at our doorsteps, it’s a great time for doing those renovations in decoration you always wanted! And to help you here are our choices for the best decoration magazines – they all approach different types of decoration, different areas of the house and they all contain many helpful tips
So here they are:



 Elle Décor


This semi-monthly publication presents ideas for modern spaces with a French influence. It focuses on “what’s hot” in luxury living, furniture design, and space planning, while offering the average homeowner resources for this style for their homes.

Elle Decor is a home decorating magazine with international flair. Find informative articles on interior design and architecture, interviews, shopping guides and more in each issue.



House Beautiful


One of the oldest print resources for interior decorating is published monthly. Classic and up-to-date décor ideas for working kitchens, bathroom escapes, and romantic bedrooms are shown. They offer tips and suggestions for remodeling and renovations, and resources for products
House Beautiful magazine features expert design advice on how to liven up each room of your house. Also find beautiful photos for inspiration and motivation to design or remodel your home in each issue of House Beautiful magazine.



Better Homes & Gardens


Better Homes & Gardens magazine is written for people interested in turning inspiration into action. Each issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine focuses on decorating, crafts, entertaining, cooking, healthy living and gardening.
This monthly publication offers ideas for home décor, gardening and family activities. It caters to the average homeowner or renter and has practical solutions to common challenges. They also publish seasonal focused décor magazines with a wealth of information for specific projects.



Architectural Digest


Architectural Digest is the ultimate guide to exquisite architecture and design. Take a tour of the world’s most beautiful homes through striking photography and fascinating prose in Architectural Digest. Special issues include “Before & After” and “Designers Own Homes.”
Published monthly and focused on the homes of “the rich and famous,” this magazine is a resource for many professional designers and serious homeowners. The editors take you into the homes of known personalities and discuss how the spaces were structured and decorated for the owner. Many ideas are state of the art, and this magazine gives the average reader an opportunity to get professional ideas at a low cost.



Country Living


This monthly magazine concentrates on country décor, crafts, antiques, and traditional cooking. Articles showcase homes with comfortable furniture, cozy fireplaces, historic colors, and simple window treatments. Lots of information is offered for ways to bring this look to your home. Country Living magazine presents the country life that can be found anywhere from the city to the suburbs, the beach or the mountains.. It also brings you a country perspective on gardening, decorating, entertaining and cooking.



Hope these help you as much as they have been helping and inspiring me for the last years.
Have a great week!


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