Hi everyone. My name is Alonso Leon and I’m the person behind Interior Design Giant. I’ve always been a design lover and over the years this desire of being part of this world has got bigger than me. Over the years and with some experience and passion I’ve developed, I became a valid opinion-maker regarding the best themes, best ideas and topics for discussion in the world of interior design and architecture projects.

Born from the willingness to share with you all this my passion for the design world, my blog aims to discuss fantastic décor ideas and beautiful home designs. To this, I promise to write unique content, talk about the most interesting topics in order for you to have access to the best of today’s world of interior design.

Interior Design Giant will be perfect for anyone looking for unique home designs, for simple design tips, for the perfect decoration to turn a house into a home.
In no way I intend to disrespect any person or company in this blog.
Join me and discover the amazing world of home designing.
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Interior Design Giants | Design and Decor Trend Reporter

Interior Design Giants offers the latest interior design trends, interior Design Books, Realty Design Shows and design news.
Interior Design Giants is a blog that concentrates all of the best projects made by the greatest design brands and designers. In here you can find almost anything design related: the ultimate trends, the best design books and the recent news.
The best architectural works have also an important role in our blog. We gather and produce the best contents than maintain our intelligent, wise and important readers well informed. They are interior designers, design brands and architects that are always on the look for inspiration and the best new trends. Interior Design Giants is a very useful blog written by skillful people that love the design world.

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