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Top exhibitors M&O Singapore 2015 covet lounge


Few hours left to Maison et Objet Asia 2015 Openning! It will take place from 10th to 13th March, in Singapore!

Interior Design Giants wants to share with you a short selection of 5 of the best Exhibitors that will be there! Do you agree with me? Just have a look and share your opinion bellow.


APAISER creates unrivalled luxurious handcrafted stone bathware from exclusive reclaimed marble composite formula. The unique customization capability of APAISER allows designers to create eco-sensitive bathrooms of timeless elegance, beauty & extraordinary value. APAISER bathware is stunning in look, natural to touch and offers superior performance manufactured with minimal impact upon the environment. It’s no wonder APAISER is the stone bathware of choice for leading hotels & resorts globally

Top exhibitors M&O Singapore 2015 apaiser-wins-coolest-bathroom-award-at-HiConnect-Design


Created by Italian CARLO PESSINA and hand-crafted in BALI from sustainable materials. THE CARLOCOLLECTION is an exclusive range of contemporary furniture and accessories designed for high-end residential, hospitality and super-yacht interiors.

Top exhibitors M&O Singapore 2015 Original-furniture-with-innovative-materials-by-Carlo-Pessina-5


COVET LOUNGE is a project where 5 founding European design brands, Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL,BRABBU, KOKET and Maison Valentina, have formed a group of designers & specialists that aim to fulfill the void in the design industry. This project consists of a place where designers, architects, press, bloggers and field experts come together for a design celebration. We will take you on a journey where innovation meets comfort and luxury.

Top exhibitors M&O Singapore 2015 covet lounge

Cravt Original

Interior objects manufactured using exquisite natural finishes. Unique special materials to customize your design. Fine craftsmanship is our hallmark.

Top exhibitors M&O Singapore 2015Cravt Original Il-Lago-St-Petersburg--34

Giles Miller Studio (New exhibitors)

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, specialises in the development of truly innovative material, surface and sculptural design. All projects are tailor made to suit the client, through the manipulation of light and shade in order to illustrate pattern and texture. The studio has not only attained extensive international press coverage but has also created acclaimed work for some of the world’s most prestigious brand-names across a variety of industries.

Top exhibitors M&O Singapore 2015 Giles Miller Studio

So what do you think?

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