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/ 5 Incredibly Stylish Urban Homes

The urban life! There’s no stylish and creative way to live life like in the cities. Whether it’s on America, Europe or Asia, the most important cities are a melting pot with lots of different people that create, together, a fantastic mix of styles and living experiences.

That’s why the most innovative projects are born in cities, where we have to be different to matter!

Today, Home Design Ideas will share with you 5 fantastic urban homes that reflect the innovative spirit and style of some of the most iconic cities in the world!

Incredibly stylish urban home #1

“After extensive renovation, an apartment in Boston is reborn as an approximation of an urban Usonian. ”

"5 incredibly stylish urban homes"Photo by Kent Dayton.

Incredibly stylish urban home #2

“On the ninth floor of a building in Brooklyn, a couple are living the high life. A subdued palette helps keeps their space current while subtle patterns and personal items add character. “

"5 incredibly stylish urban homes"Photo by Dean Kaufman.

Incredibly stylish urban home #3

“When an exporter renovated his home in Shanghai, he found a way to connect his current lifestyle with the tradition and history of his lilong-style house.”

"5 incredibly stylish urban homes"Photo by Christian Schaulin.

Incredibly stylish urban home #4

“Slipped between two older buildings, a striking glass home in Toronto provides a family with a contemporary environment in view of historic, traditional structures.”

"5 incredibly stylish urban homes"Photo by Dean Kaufman

Incredibly stylish urban home #5

“The residents of a former Chinese laundry and tooth-powder factory in San Francisco honor the industrial heritage of their space by introducing two industrial shipping containers.”

"5 incredibly stylish urban homes"Photo by Drew Kelly

These are 5 stylish urban homes that show an incredible creativity and adaptability to the environment. These people we’re able to create a very beautiful space from a small space!

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

Home Design Ideas” will continue to give you fantastic home design ideas. We like,as much as you, to read all about the best ideas for the home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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Source: Dwell Magazine


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