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5 Breathtaking Library Projects That You Have To See

5 Breathtaking Library Projects That You Have To See – Due to technology and trailblazing design the libraries are no longer a silent sanctuary of books. Join us on this journey and find out the most futuristic libraries in the world:



Tianjin Binhai Library, Tianjin, China

5 Breathtaking Library Projects That You Have To See

This futuristic library was designed by Dutch firm Mvrdv. It features an atrium with floor-to-ceiling shelving that appears to house an endless number of books. And guess what? Not all the books are real. The inaccessible shelves have been filled with aluminum plates digitally printed with book images.

The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, Chicago

5 Breathtaking Library Projects That You Have To See

The University of Chicago’s Mansueto Library has 3.5 million books that are stored underground in a repository tended by robotic cranes, while a glass dome covers an expansive reading room upstairs. The architect Helmut Jahn says that by putting the book storage below, they were free to create an open and luminous space.

Philological Library, Berlin

The Philological Library on the campus of the Free University of Berlin has been applauded for its eco-intelligent structure. It was the British architect, Norman Foster that spent years researching and experimenting with how buildings can employ active and passive technologies to increase energy efficiency.

Qatar National Library, Doha, Qatar

5 Breathtaking Library Projects That You Have To See

It was the Dutch firm OMA that designed this amazing library. The stunning Qatar National Library has over a million books from the Doha’s National Library, Public Library, and University Library and since opening in 2007, the library’s programming has focused on bridging the past and present through concerts and expositions.

Austin Central Library, Austin, Texas

This library has attracted attention for its hyper-flexible design and sustainable resource use. In 2017 the joint venture between architectural firms Lake Flato and Shepley Bulfinch was completed and responds to Texas’s droughts with a 373,000-gallon rainwater system created from a concrete vault that existed on the site. The library also embraces the outdoor life of Austinites with two reading porches and a roof terrace shaded by solar panels.

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