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4 mirror inspirations that will make your hallway exquisite

Maison Valentina E-book 100 Wall Mirrors Ideas

4 Mirror Inspirations that will Make your Hallway Exquisite – If your home is the reflection of your life, a mirror should reflect your most stylish and contemporary side right when you enter your little personal world. Right from the moment you and your guests go through your hallway, you deserve the feeling of exclusiveness. In a way to make your walls less dull and more extravagant, here are five ideas to achieve that.

Sleek lines

4 mirror inspirations that will make your hallway exquisite

This mixture of mid-century and modern design will make you stand out for how unique your taste is. This piece entitled Diamond, from Essential Home, is the perfect example of this type of style. While being extremely simple in design, the diamond shape of it exhales glamour from the very first glance at it.

Sophisticated vintage look

4 mirror inspirations that will make your hallway exquisiteIf you want to have a leap in time, vintage mirror inspirations can help you achieve that. This black piece called Marie Antoinette by Boca do Lobo is a great form of revivalism while the bold hand carved wood frame creates a great impact and makes you feel like royalty once you enter the house.

Statement mirror

4 mirror inspirations that will make your hallway exquisiteIf you want to make a big impact and fearless first impression, here’s your opportunity. This curved Guilt mirror by Maison Valentina makes a bold saying with its sculptured gold lines that strike like lightning bolts.

Don’t lose touch with nature

4 mirror inspirations that will make your hallway exquisiteHaving a luxurious sense of style could also mean being in touch with the peaceful freshness of nature. Bringing earth elements can make your hallway feel harmonious. The Belize mirror by Brabbu is a fine example of that feeling with its inspiration on the coral reefs from Belize.

All of these mirror inspirations can reflect how you want to introduce yourself when people enter your hallway while showing luxury in all the different choices. Dare to be bolder in your options when you are talking about your house.

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