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koket at high point market

3 Style Spotted Furniture Pieces at High Point Market 2015

High Point Market’s Style Spotters are home fashion trendsetters that showcase top trends at Market. Touring High Point’s showrooms, the Style Spotters post and curate their favorite looks to special Pinterest boards. You can discover here some of The best Style Spotted Furniture Pieces at High Point Market 2015:

Take a look at the wonderful Camelia Armoire, Style Spotted by Kati Curtis

The best of Style Spotted Brands at High Point Market 2015

The coveted Desire Sofa, Style Spotted by Leslie Hendrix Wood

Take a look at the wonderful Camelia Armoire.


The coveted Desire Sofa

The elegant Chandra Bar stool, Style Spotted by Lori Gilder

The coveted Desire Sofa

Somehow those pieces of cardboard really catch your eye and can really draw you into a booth you wouldn’t care for a second look, that only goes to show that HPMKT has the highest surprise ratio of all trade shows. One luxury brand that keeps on surprising is Koket, the brainchild of Janet Morais seems to always push the envelope with their edgy design and exquisite finishes.

The best of Style Spotted Brands at High Point Market 2015 (4)

One visit to the DeMorais International booth and you’ll journey into a world of wonders that could only come together under very special circumstances, those being the joint forces of Koket, Boca do Lobo, Brabbu and DelightFull. Koket got the Style Spotter’s attention but be on the lookout for these other guys at IH112, IHFC Building, Floor 1.

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