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2014 TOP 100 GIANTS: NR 3 – Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will was founded on the belief that design has the power to transform our lives – in commerce, our culture or our communities.” (Perkins+Will)

This company believes that great design can solve complex problems and help clients to became leaders in their fields. In this way, Perkins+Will adds lots of creativity and innovation to each project they have in hands!

More than this, they say: We are committed not only to wasting less, but to creating regenerative designs which heal their local environments and their occupants.”

See same of its best projects.

perkins-will_sany_beijing_01 Perkins+will 7 Perkins+will 6 Perkins+will 5 Perkins+will 4 Perkins+will 3 Perkins+will 3 (2) Perkins+will 2 Perkins+will

Know more about Perkins+Will at

This ranking is based on Interior rankings.


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