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You already have 20 amazing tips and advices from the best interior designers in the world but there’s a lot more to discover. As promised, “Best Interior Designers” will keep giving you the tricks used by the A-list designers

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“I typically suggest an island 5’ wide by 8’ long. You don’t want it to look like an aircraft carrier. And when cleaning up you want to be able to reach across it effortlessly” Christopher Peacock

“Use the precious for everyday purposes. We’ll rummage through clients’ closets and find loads of precious hand-me-downs like porcelain vases and crystal that are a bit out of vogue. We’ll use them for completely ordinary purposes – a vase becomes a chic pencil holder, a crystal bowl holds makeup brushes. Turn the ordinary into a special moment.” Benjamin Dhong

“Use wallpaper in unexpected places: on the ceiling in a paneled room, in closets, hallways, and small foyers. A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a prodigious twist”  Lindsey Coral Harper

101 secrets from top interior designers: Lindsey Coral Harper“Request unlacquered hardware whenever you can. Most of the big companies are offering it now and the subtle bit of patina adds so much warmth to your house. Even if you never polish it, it will look just fine.” Richard Bories and James Shearron

“Make sure you display everything in your collection together” Ann Wolf

“You never want to match your walls to a color in one of your fabrics. It will be too strong. Find a grayed-out version of the color”. Sallie Giordano

101 secrets from top interior designers: great staircases“ I get bored without color in a room. Interesting, strong, clear colors, are easier to live with in the long run than pale colors. People always think it’s the opposite, but in actuality soft color get boring much quicker” Richard Keith Langham.

“We do adjustable, horizontal glass shelves for shoe closets. Slanted shelves take up 25% more space, and glass is easily cleaned. Line up your shoes so that the right and left shoes of each pair alternate toe and heel. This way you can quickly see each heel and toes need freshening, and you will also have a quick reference for heel heights and toe shapes when you are picking out shoes in a rush” Elissa Cullman

“Float something in the room – a sofa, a lounge chair – to avoid the “dance hall” look. Think of it has an opportunity to show off the back (do something with the back)” Brad Weesner

“Instead of a towel bar, mount 5 robe hooks 68’’ high for towels and robes.” Robert Stilin

101 secrets from top interior designers: robert stilin-Elle-DecorNow that you’ve got some interesting and valuable tips maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about your own projects. But don’t worry. We’re going to give you the rest of the tricks.  Follow us for more advices of the top interior designers

Source: House Beautiful

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