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As you know lighting is one of the most important factors in interior design. The most expensive materials & interiors are never shown to their fullest without a good lighting scheme behind them. If a space is well lit, it will be comfortable and inviting.

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Bedrooms don’t need much light most of the time, but some good wall lamps on a bedroom next to the bed can make all the difference when reading a book or browsing the web. On a low table, include a small, intimate lamp with a tinted low-wattage bulb to mimic candlelight.


Suspension lamps with adjustable light sources are also a very good choice. These will keep the light source further away form the eyes and pointing to where you need.


You can achieve sufficient lighting around the table with some directional spotlights or hanging pendants.


If you want to really make a statement, then a chandelier should be the focal point of the dining room. Suspended over the dining table, it serves as a decorative style element that enhances the beauty of your fine furnishings. If your chandelier is made of glass or crystal, shine halogen light, through the use of adjustable fixtures, onto the chandelier and watch it come to life!


Natural light is always a plus in any room, and it is important to try an maximize this if you are lucky enough to have great natural light. Key locations for task lighting in a Kitchen include underneath the overhead cabinets and over the island — anywhere you’ll be chopping, slicing and reading recipes. The pantry is another place where you’ll want bright, focused lighting.


Adding lighting to shelves is also an amazing way to create a wall of light without, enhancing your display, without causing too much


Or why not spice things up and go with something more decorative and playful? Our Graphic Collection is sure to do the trick.


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